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(TFT) Death Test Variant

Im sure that we all have played Death Test to "death" and are
intimately familiar with the rooms, their locations in the 
"maze", etc.

Here's an idea which I've used to add spice back into the 
adventure.  Take an inventory of all of the rooms:  The
Red Room, the Gold Room, etc.  Write their names down on 
individual chits and place the chits into a cup.

When encountering a room in the maze, instead of following
the instructions, pull a chit from the cup and use the
instructions for that room instead.  Doing so will add
variability to the encounters.

This idea is extendible as well.  Make a map of the maze
and then vary the location of the exit.  This will force
your characters to wander around the maze more as they
search for the way out.


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