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Re: (TFT) Death Test Variant

>Im sure that we all have played Death Test to "death" and are
>intimately familiar with the rooms, their locations in the 
>"maze", etc.
>Here's an idea which I've used to add spice back into the 
>adventure.  Take an inventory of all of the rooms:  The
>Red Room, the Gold Room, etc.  Write their names down on 
>individual chits and place the chits into a cup.
>When encountering a room in the maze, instead of following
>the instructions, pull a chit from the cup and use the
>instructions for that room instead.  Doing so will add
>variability to the encounters.
>This idea is extendible as well.  Make a map of the maze
>and then vary the location of the exit.  This will force
>your characters to wander around the maze more as they
>search for the way out.

I once put each room description (with opponent stats) on a 3x5 card and 
shuffled those randomly.  The test was over when all the cards were gone. 
 The players -- several of whom had already gone through a lot of the 
test -- really enjoyed it.

--Andrew M.
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