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Re: (TFT) Who owns ideas?

At 11:41 AM 7/16/98 -0500, Guy McLimore wrote:
>On the other hand, try winning a copyright action involving (for example) 
>Disney. (The copyrights on some of the Mickey Mouse cartoons either have 
>run out or are about to...) Even if you are solidly within the law, 
>you'll lose because they can afford to fight you forever.  (And, on the 
>Gripping Hand, if I fake a tumble at the entrance to Disneyland, I can 
>cost them thousands to defend against a meritless liability suit. No one 
>is safe.) To REALLY solve the problem of copyright, you have to solve the 
>problem of lawyers-uber-alles first. (And good luck...)

Actually, Peggy Lee [name right?] successfully challenged Disney over the
rights to the songs she wrote for "Lady & The Tramp" (her contract, strictly
read, meant Disney owed her money for its videocassette releases which they
refused to pay her). So apparently Disney can't keep fighting *forever* ...
just a very long time.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to 
do nothing." -- Edmund Burke (1729-1797)
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