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Re: (TFT) Who owns ideas?

Bryant Berggren a écrit:

> Actually, Peggy Lee [name right?] successfully challenged Disney over the
> rights to the songs she wrote for "Lady & The Tramp" (her contract, strictly
> read, meant Disney owed her money for its videocassette releases which they
> refused to pay her). So apparently Disney can't keep fighting *forever* ...
> just a very long time.

In a similar vein, Hedy Lamarr (I believe it's Hedy Lamarr) is suing Corel
Corporation over the use of a drawing done from a photograph of her on their
CorelDraw box.  The photo is in the public domain and really, Corel hasn't
anything to worry about as the suit is in Florida and Corel is located in
Ottawa, but I believe they offered to settle out of court for the requested
amount of 10 000$ or 15 000$ or so.

In Québec, a woman got an award for compensation from a newspaper for a
photograph taken by a roving reporter and used in a story without her knowledge
and obviously without her permission, this being a breach of her Charter
rights.  Newspapers are now wondering whether crowd shots are open to class
action suits by those in the crowd...:-)  As the matter has not been tested to
the limit (there has only been the one case), much remains to be decided and if
push comes to shove, the newspapers will likely be forced to appeal to the Cour


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