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Re: (TFT) TFT copyrights and adventures

C. Michel Boucher at alsandor@netcom.ca on 7/17/98 5:22 AM said:

>Obviously, if they asked for modules, it's because there were no concerted
>efforts up to that point to produce these things.  As Metagaming went
>belly up within months of these requests, my suggestion is that they don't
>exist except perhaps as scattered notes...certainly not in Interplay in
>any concentrated form.  I haven't looked specifically for this, so maybe
>there are bits in Vindicator.  I'll check and post if I find some.

Most of this stuff never existed at all. Greg Poehlein and I pushed for 
expansion for a long time, but Howard didn't want to publish much of 
this, at least not bad enough to contract with us to do it. In the Name 
of Justice! was the first TFT-based stand-alone expansion he'd let us do, 
and it was to be followed by Dave Tepool's HIGH NOON, taking TFT's 
systems to wild west gunfights. But these games were never released.

Greg, Dave and I had plans for lots of expansion, but the products 
themselves (and the rules expansions they were to be based on) never were 

Guy McLimore / guymc@evansville.net
MC+ Creations Game Design and Consulting

(formerly TFT Line Editor for Metagaming)
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