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Re: (TFT) TFT copyrights and adventures

>>Dan's DT variant is good too.  I do something similiar.  I make up
>>my own rooms w/ their contents on 3 by 5 cards.  Shuffle them up
>>and draw them out as needed.  I keep a cardfile and add new rooms
>>all the time.  Never know what rooms will be drawn.
>Ooooo!  Ya gonna give us any examples?  How do you go about
>determining play balance, point totals, etc?

Play balance, point totals....I live in a very rural town.  There are no
hobby shops. These people still think D&D is a "tool of the devil" to infect
and warp minds.  My point being, I usually play solitaire or with my wife
(she tolerates an occasional game as long as I lose :-).  I lean more
towards hack and slash then real roleplaying.  I usually am not a big wizard
fan and so they don't get alot of "business" in my world.  I also like using
beginning or close to beginning characters (ie 32 to 36 points).    Play
balance for me is more of a feel kind of thing.  If it feels like it's an
even match I go with it and if it turns out bad I bame it on my dice.  I
don't have to worry about keeping a playgroup happy.   When I did play in
High School with a group (lived in the big city then) we played mostly
preprogramed adventures or small skirmishes with equal groups.

>xxx)  You've entered the Tangerine Room.  The rinds of various
>      varieties of citrus lie strewn around the room (ie, as if
>      the whole room was "slippery floored")  A GNC vendor is
>      opposite your entry point, restocking the shelves behind
>      him with various health food extracts and tablets.  He
>      turns toward you and asks "Can I help you?"  You can tremble
>      in fear (aaa), attempt to flee (bbb) or draw your weapons
>      and ask for a steak (ccc)

I usually try to kill off the "shihatsu massage machine" technician first.
The thought of those automated fingers grabbing at me gives me the creeps!!!

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