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Re: (TFT) TFT copyrights and adventures

Dan Tulloh a écrit:

> >I didn't see anybody respond to Michel Boucher's post about
> >mounted combat, ship combat, religions etc...Any ideas?
> If I recall correctly, there's a paragraph or two in Advanced
> Melee regarding mounted combat.  Re: ship combat - was Michel
> refering to combat between ships, or combat on board a ship?

As I'm the offending party here, let me clarify.

There was a request in Interplay 2 (page 5) for people to produce modules
to expand the TFT system in the following areas:

TFT Mounted Combat Microgame
TFT Ship Combat Microgame (see Interplay 6, below)
TFT Religious Rules Module
TFT Buildings Rules
TFT Flying Microgame
TFT Campaign Guides

It was suggested in Interplay 6 that perhaps modified rules could be
developed to use RAMSPEED for ship combat.

> Some talents and/or spells concerning religion would be useful
> as well, but I don't recall seeing them anywhere.

That would be one of the reasons why they wanted some.

> Perhaps
> they are in one of the TSG or Interplay issues?

Obviously, if they asked for modules, it's because there were no concerted
efforts up to that point to produce these things.  As Metagaming went
belly up within months of these requests, my suggestion is that they don't
exist except perhaps as scattered notes...certainly not in Interplay in
any concentrated form.  I haven't looked specifically for this, so maybe
there are bits in Vindicator.  I'll check and post if I find some.


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