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Re: (TFT) TFT copyrights and adventures

Chris writes:

>Dan's DT variant is good too.  I do something similiar.  I make up 
>my own rooms w/ their contents on 3 by 5 cards.  Shuffle them up 
>and draw them out as needed.  I keep a cardfile and add new rooms
>all the time.  Never know what rooms will be drawn.

Ooooo!  Ya gonna give us any examples?  How do you go about
determining play balance, point totals, etc?

xxx)  You've entered the Tangerine Room.  The rinds of various
      varieties of citrus lie strewn around the room (ie, as if
      the whole room was "slippery floored")  A GNC vendor is
      opposite your entry point, restocking the shelves behind 
      him with various health food extracts and tablets.  He
      turns toward you and asks "Can I help you?"  You can tremble
      in fear (aaa), attempt to flee (bbb) or draw your weapons
      and ask for a steak (ccc)

>I didn't see anybody respond to Michel Boucher's post about 
>mounted combat, ship combat, religions etc...Any ideas?

If I recall correctly, there's a paragraph or two in Advanced 
Melee regarding mounted combat.  Re: ship combat - was Michel
refering to combat between ships, or combat on board a ship?

Some talents and/or spells concerning religion would be useful
as well, but I don't recall seeing them anywhere.  Perhaps 
they are in one of the TSG or Interplay issues?


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