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Re: (TFT) TFT copyrights and adventures

>GREAT!!!    I am really excited about the possible new ideas and adventures.
>I hope Howard is planning on sharing his microquest with us, you can only
>kick the Thorsz' guards butt's so many times.

Certainly, once it's done, and with the permission of Joe.
It's more of a story dungeon than a collection of rooms, but I'm trying to
balance the story elements and replayability factor so it's not just a
one-shot either.

>I didn't see anybody respond to Michel Boucher's post about  mounted combat,
>ship combat, religions etc...Any ideas?

There are expanded priest rules in Interplay #4, with 5 specific religions.
(Including, in a rather silly move, Christianity, though how it occurred in
their campaign world without Zoroastrianism or Judaism is beyond me.)
Space Gamer #24 has an article on "naval Melee", an "official" extension of
the TFT rules, including boarding rules and simple ship configuraiton.

Howard K.

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