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(TFT) Re: In the Name of Justice!

I posted:

>>Howard didn't want to publish much of this, at least not bad enough to
>>contract with us to do it. In the Name of Justice! was the first TFT-based
>>stand-alone expansion he'd let us do,
>>Guy McLimore / guymc@evansville.net

Chris Savage at Deacon@strato.net on 7/17/98 11:43 AM said:

>Did you ever finish any of it? Sounds interesting to me.

ITNOJ! was completed, typeset, and scheduled for printing when Metagaming 
went under. Our contract on that one reverted the rights to us in the 
event of non-publication after one year. HIGH NOON was completed but 
never typeset. Dave Tepool says he has the rules to that one -- 
somewhere. I doubt he'll ever dig 'em out, though.

None of the other stuff we were kicking around for TFT expansions 
survives, AFAIK.

Rather than release the original ITNOJ! (which is based on TFT sytems and 
might present a copyright problem) Greg Poehlein and I reworked it for 
the PlainLabel system and it is available FREE from the PL website at 
http://plainlabel.galstar.com in PDF format, including all rules, maps, 
and stand-up counters for the heroes and villains (by artist Gary M. 
Williams). This is a stand-alone micro-sized game, requiring nothing else 
for play.

Guy McLimore / guymc@evansville.net
MC+ Creations Game Design and Consulting
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