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Re: (TFT) TFT copyrights and adventures

>> "I didn't know about this site for years! Look at all the damage you've
>> wreaked on TFT over that time!"

>Damage??  As far as I can tell, we've doubled the value of TFT since
>the list started.  I think the number of TFT items sold in the last
>2 weeks is probably close to the number of sales in the past 2 months!

Oi, that wasn't me, that was the theoretical litiginous copyright holder. I
think this kind of foum only helps a game like TFT.
And I'd thank you to stop inflating the price of TFT stuff, at least until
I've got it all. >;)

>> But if I get cold feet and panic at the thought of
>> ex-Metagaming lawyers (hungry from the lean years) pursuing me, I can
>> always do like many module writers (Judges Guild, anyone?) did in the
>> heydays and release it as a "generic" module.

>At the very least, you've expanded your potential market immensely!

What market? My adventures are free! >:)
Anyway, I'd rather not reinduce brain trauma by trying to make my
adventures work in a D&D setting...

Howard K. (wandering monster, AC 6)

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