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Re: (TFT) Back.. with a lil wargaming buddy.

>I thought I read in something Steve J. wrote about GURPS design
>that it was possible to perform acrobatics in plate mail!  It
>would seem that weight has less of an effect if the armor is
>fitted to the individual.  More likely the weight of the armor
>has an effect on endurance - the more the armor weighs, the 
>faster a character suffers from the effects of fatigue.

Exactly, though you could argue that weight does play a role; however, 
it's relative to the strength of the individual (regardless of how well a 
suit of armor fits, the weight on my arm is going to have some effect on 
how quickly I can make that arm move, and the stronger I am the less I'm 
going to notice the added pounds).  Regardless, in relation to TFT, 
weight is the simpliest correlation to a DX penalty.

And, yes, you read that in GURPS (and Man-to-Man).

--Andrew M.
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