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Re: (TFT) Back.. with a lil wargaming buddy.

>Or you could assign weight per item/area covered (not that weight itself 
>is what makes armor so restricting), find a total, and then match it to 
>the weights of the existing armors in the system.  For example, if my 
>total is less than 7 kg (but greater than 0 kg), my penalty is -1 adjDX, 
>just like cloth; 8 kg is -2 adjDX, just like leather, and so on.  For you 
>Fantasy Hero gamers out there, the conversion is particularly simple.

I thought I read in something Steve J. wrote about GURPS design
that it was possible to perform acrobatics in plate mail!  It
would seem that weight has less of an effect if the armor is
fitted to the individual.  More likely the weight of the armor
has an effect on endurance - the more the armor weighs, the 
faster a character suffers from the effects of fatigue.


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