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Re: (TFT) Back.. with a lil wargaming buddy.

>Hmmm. well, if you arent going to go with the specific armor,
>specific coverage approach - then you sort of have to go with
>the "stops .5/piece" approach you mentioned earlier.
>You might want to add a similiar DX reduction for each piece
>too.  You could even get "fancy" and give different armor
>added/dex reduction values for equipment of different types,
>ie:  leather may have .5 armor added, .1 dex reduction, 
>chain may give another value, plate still another.

Or you could assign weight per item/area covered (not that weight itself 
is what makes armor so restricting), find a total, and then match it to 
the weights of the existing armors in the system.  For example, if my 
total is less than 7 kg (but greater than 0 kg), my penalty is -1 adjDX, 
just like cloth; 8 kg is -2 adjDX, just like leather, and so on.  For you 
Fantasy Hero gamers out there, the conversion is particularly simple.

--Andrew M. 
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