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(TFT) Back.. with a lil wargaming buddy.

"The Hussar of Conflans" <hussar@hotmail.com> wrote:

>Any thoughts on the armor idea?

You have to keep in mind that TFT is a self conatined system and the armour
rules interact with the combat rules (along with all the other pieces) to
form a nice balanced system.

Before I could give you any suggestions on armour, I would like to know a
little bit more about your system, are the rules straight TFT?  Peicemeal
armour would not work well in TFT since all hit are assumed to be for the
body; if this is the case wearing a helm would be next to useless (unless
you are fighting hobbits with longbows who like to aim for the head).  To
introduce a piecemeal armour system you, in my opinion, would have to move
to a system of random hit location.  You could go super detailed like
Runequest (or insanely detailed like AfterMath) or develop something a
little simpler unique to your game.

Acheiving the balance between realism and playability is improtant.  I
usually lean twords the playability part myself.  I haven't found anything I
like better than TFT (GURPS took the detail stuff way to far).  Though I
have found the character generation system somewhat limiting.  Characters
tend to be rather one, or at most two dimensional.  I have many ideas for
revamping the character system, but will probably never implement them.  My
fledgling game design company fell apart due to creative differences between
me and my partner years ago.

Give me some details and I'll be happy to give you some ideas.

Shawn Doucet

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