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Re: (TFT) Back.. with a lil wargaming buddy.

<I've been incommunicado for a while, celebrating the birth of our son,


<Has anyone ever done a Gladiatorial Games (as in Ancient Rome) version of
Melee?  I
<seem to recall mention of "Marx Plastic Gladiators" in Vindicator once,
<can anyone out there expound upon that?

Just looked it up.  It was written by Kenneth Van Pelt.  Mostly talks about
converting to 54mm miniatures and the basic melee rules they used.  Nothing
new as far as armor or weapon use.  It did include an interesting method for
the gladiator to appeal for mercy.
Once a gladiator falls to st 3 or less you take the number of turns the
combat has lasted
and add +1 for each attribute point over 24.  The resulting number is the
number you have to roll on three dice or less in ordered to be spared. It
lists aplace to get the miniatures and recommends the GURPS sourcebook
IMPERIAL ROME as a good place to get ideas.


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