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(TFT) Underearth system (was: TFT "Collectables"?)

"_Shiva_" <doucets@email.msn.com> wrote:
> : kohr@aeon.mti.sgi.com (Dave Kohr)
> posted a list from www.finegames.com
> that states Dragons of the Underearth is part of the Underearth system.
> Would anybody know which "part" it is, is there another book required for
> the Under Earth System?

There were only 2 titles in the UnderEarth series: The Lords of UnderEarth
and Dragons of UnderEarth.  These are Microgames (OK, Dragons is a Metagame,
but still...) that seem to branch off from the direction TFT was going
to back to more of a boardgame based approach.

Dragons gives the basics for a new RPG system that streamlines the Advanced
Melee/Wizard rules; it allows for more character diversity than Melee/Wizard,
but isn't as detailed as Advanced.

Dragons has 2 separate modules: the Character Generation module and the
Combat module.  Character generation allows for the standard DX/ST/IQ,
weapons, magic and armor, and adds magic items and talents.

Lords covers subterranean battle - think of the Battle of Moria in Tolkien,
and you've got the right idea.

In referencing my copy of Dragons, I note something interesting; the
spell list says "...Non-Combat spells are described in "Conquerers of
UnderEarth," and sure enough, there's no information on spells like
Lock, Silent Movement and Flight.

To the best of my knowledge, there isn't any Conquerers to refer to.  Anyone
know the details here?

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