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Re: (TFT) Underearth system (was: TFT "Collectables"?)

>> : kohr@aeon.mti.sgi.com (Dave Kohr)
>> posted a list from www.finegames.com
>> that states Dragons of the Underearth is part of the Underearth system.
>> Would anybody know which "part" it is, is there another book required for
>> the Under Earth System?
>There were only 2 titles in the UnderEarth series: The Lords of UnderEarth
>and Dragons of UnderEarth.  These are Microgames (OK, Dragons is a Metagame,
>but still...) that seem to branch off from the direction TFT was going
>to back to more of a boardgame based approach.
>Dragons gives the basics for a new RPG system that streamlines the Advanced
>Melee/Wizard rules; it allows for more character diversity than Melee/Wizard,
>but isn't as detailed as Advanced.
>Dragons has 2 separate modules: the Character Generation module and the
>Combat module.  Character generation allows for the standard DX/ST/IQ,
>weapons, magic and armor, and adds magic items and talents.
>Lords covers subterranean battle - think of the Battle of Moria in Tolkien,
>and you've got the right idea.
>In referencing my copy of Dragons, I note something interesting; the
>spell list says "...Non-Combat spells are described in "Conquerers of
>UnderEarth," and sure enough, there's no information on spells like
>Lock, Silent Movement and Flight.
>To the best of my knowledge, there isn't any Conquerers to refer to.  Anyone
>know the details here?

In a nutshell, it didn't get published before Metagaming went under.  It 
was supposed to have more of the campaign/RPG elements, somewhat like 
what ITL added to AM abd AW.

--Andrew M.
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