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Re: (TFT) Computer aided gaming

>Just about every RPG in existance has a host of utilities to assist in
>running, playing, creating characters, etc.  Does anyone know of some for
>TFT?  If not, I'm sure we could put some together.  Encounter generators,
>maybe even some PC driven solo adventures.

The basics should be easy to do, like encounter tables and even random map
generators. Personally, I'd write it in Java because a) almost everyone
could run it, regardless of system, and b) it doesn't take much time or
code to do it in Java.
Let me know how much demand there is for this kind of thing and I may have
time to whip up some code.

>I remember when I first got Death Test, I took it out of the box and
>immediately ran thru it.  All the time thinking, "this sure would be easier
>if it was on the computer."  I then proceeded to start coding.  Back then,
>it was all in BASIC and on the TRS-80 -- yes, it's been that long ago.

Yeah, programmed adventures struck me that way too. I played with the idea
of adapting Voyage Of The BMS Pandora (SPI) to computer, but it was a lot
of work for little return.

However, this gives me a good tangential idea - what about converting
programmed adventures to HTML? You could have a seperate page with each
paragraph, plus illustrations and maps, and hyperlinks to all the following
paragraphs, as well as links to the main encounter tables and such. You all
let me know what you think of this and, if it seems like a good idea, I'll
release my microquests that way as well as the conventional way.

Also, my microqs are currently being developed with a print-n-cut map of
the various room layouts. Is this acceptable, or would if be better if I
stuck to room plans that could be built from a pile of megahexes? Please
let me know your thoughts on this as well.

Howard K.

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