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Re: (TFT) A draft attempt at a piece armor system for use with Gladiator Variant

I'm not sure you *can* do a good piece armor system for this. The big, BIG
problem is that (as TSR has been finding out for the past 25 years) an
overall armor rating and individually armored zones just don't work together.

We used to use a very simple hit location system in Traveller. I don't
remember the exact numbers any more, but it went about like this:

Roll 2d6:

2-3	arm
4	head
5-6	leg
7-12	body

Something like that might work fairly well, though it might need some
tinkering to get the proper side of the body for those gladiator styles for
which it matters. Yeah, it's another dice roll, BUT:

1) It's a simple roll, and the result table can be easily memorized
2) Gladiatorial combat can be considered to be a "special case" and
   therefore this won't clog up normal TFT games
3) It adds needed detail without going overboard on complexity

Of course, then you get lured into local hit points, changes to hit
probabilities based on position, and all of the other scary things that has
led to AD&D spawning $800+ worth of rulebooks and *still* not working
right. But that, at least, is a simple enough system to give us some hope.

Okay, you can all thwop me now!

-- Jean

   Wintertree Software


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