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(TFT) A draft attempt at a piece armor system for use with Gladiator Variant

Since you asked, here goes:

Some Background info:

1) I DON'T want to invent an "body area hit" subsystem that is 
incompatible with the TFT system-- such a system "roll for the part of 
the body" would only detract from TFT's uncluttered mechanics.

2) Whatever I come up with, it will have to be compatible with 
Melee/Wizard as it is now.  That means piece armor has to be in the same 
league as, say, "leather/chain/plate" from Basic Melee.  Why? See number 

3) Gladiators all tended to wear the same basic load of the following 
items: a broad leather or metal stomacher, some wrist and leg straps.  I 
interpert this as the "jumping off point" for piece armor.

I assign these values to the "basic gladiator armor"

-1 to DX, stops 1 hit.

Now we get into the realm of "add-ons"... fortunately I have my notes 
here with me.

Metal Shoulder Plate: -.5 to DX, stops .5 hit
Leather Cuirass: -.5 to DX, stops 1 hit
Helmet (a general category for a wide variance of headgear): -1.5 to DX, 
stops 1 hit (those helmets were VERY clumsy)
Metal Stomacher (vice the leather one, you can't wear both) -1 to DX, 
stops 1 hit
Metal Arm Armor: -1 to DX per arm, stops 1 hit per arm.
Metal Leg Armor: -1 to DX per leg, stops 1 hit per leg.

Round fractional penalties AND bonuses up.  Effects are cumulative.

Joe Retiarus (aka the net and trident guy), wearing a classic Retiarus 

Basic Load: -1 DX/+1 hit
Left arm armor: -1 DX/+1 hit
Shoulder Plate: -.5 DX/+.5 hit
DX Penalties: -2.5 or 3
Armor Bonus: +2.5 or 3.

Note that this is all tallied BEFORE the Retiarus attempts to use two 
weapons at once in combat, which according to Advanced Melee, incurs its 
own penalties.  The Retiarus class should have a high DX for starters!
In my mind, this is compatible with the system as it is written, but 
probably needs work on the penalties/bonuses.


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