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(TFT) Re: HELP: Melee/Wizard counter i.d.

OK, here's what I have where it's different from your lost:

The Maverick <themaverick@volcano.net> wrote:
> MELEE, bagged, 1977, green gargoyle cover (cut)
> Counters are purple, some with shaded backgrounds.
> Large monsters include 2 two-headed giants.
> Artwork is the less detailed style.

MELEE, bagged, 1977, purple gargoyle cover (1st ed.?), cut
Counters are same as above.

> WIZARD, bagged, 1978 (partially cut)
> Counters are blue with solid backgrounds.
> Large monsters include two dragons and two giants without clubs.

WIZARD, bagged, 1978 (cut)
2 identical counter sheets, one blue and one red.  Most counters are on
a white background, but a few "spectral" counters are white on blue or red.

WIZARD, boxed, 1980, third edition revised (cut)
Counter set identical to above, includes triangular pieces from counter
sheets labeled "Metagaming" along one edge, and "The Fantasy Trip: Wizard"
on another.

DEATH TEST, bagged, 1978 (cut)
I have the same "mystery" counter set - I've never seen this counter set in
Melee, but they'd certainly work.  How does this set compare with the 2nd
edition black counters?  They sound similar except for color.

ORB QUEST, boxed, 1982 (uncut)
Brown counter sheet with "Orb Quest, Copyright (c) 1982, Games Research 
Group, Inc.".  Counters are in the style of Underearth.

THE LORDS OF UNDEREARTH, boxed, 1980, uncut
A very unusual countersheet for Metagaming; die-cut counter sheet for easy
punching, and multiple colors on a single counter sheet.  There are black,
green and light blue counters all on the same sheet.  Counters have the
Unterearth detailing, though it's hard to see on these pieces, which are
half the size of the standard TFT square counters.  Sheet is labeled
"The Lords of UNDEREARTH" in green at the top, and "(c) 1980 by Metagaming"
in black at the bottom.  

Hope this helps!

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