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Re: Subject: Re: (TFT) Computer aided gaming

At 10:42 AM 7/19/98 -0500, you wrote:

>What I would like to see is a manuel map generator.  I've done some stuff
>with scanning in hex paper and using neopaint on it, but it's only so

Look into Digital Alchemy's "Adventure Writer". It doesn't do hex-based
stuff as well as it does square stuff, but it's a very good program

Okay, folks: Here's your chance to help design a Wintertree product. I
mentioned I'm working on a new hex font -- the equivalent of my dungeon
floorplan font -- which I need to finish up Real Soon Now, since GenCon is
coming like an oncoming express train. WHAT SHOULD BE IN IT? In short, what
do you want to be able to put in your TFT maps? Email me your ideas!

What's in it for you? The font! Everyone who kicks in some ideas (whether I
use them or not) will get a copy of the final product. So, you'll be able
to type up your maps in your word processor... how's *that* for easy?

-- Jean

   Wintertree Software


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