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Re: (TFT) A draft attempt at a piece armor system for use with

Andrew writes:

>I sent something on sectional armor to Joe that worked well for my group, 
>and -- as far as we've determined -- it meshes well with the system.  I 
>believe he said something about running it by you guys.

I was thinking about sectional armor this evening.  As the Hussar
presented it, what he came up with after piecing all of the armor
together was essentially chainmail in Basic Melee.  And there
just weren't that many options to choose from.  Unless the piece
system he is developing allows strange combinations (such as -2
hits, -1 DX or -2 hits, -3 DX), what's the point?  You could just
say that Gladiator Armor falls somewhere in between leather and

So it seems to me that if sectional armor is going to be 
implemented, then it must be flexible enough to provide for weird
combinations of hits stopped and DX adjustments, or else you are 
going to have to bite the bullet and use hit locations.  Other-
wise you are simply left with "Light, Medium and Heavy" Gladiator
Armor which is equivalent to Cloth, Leather and Chainmail re-


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