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Re: (TFT) Character Creation, Skills, and Clarifications

>Andrew Morris has sent to me a fine list of rule additions and 
>and he's allowed me to post it here.  I'll also make it available as a text
>file on the website ( http://www.brainiac.com/tft ).  If anyone wants to
>turn it into HTML, just email me the code you create and I'll plug it in!
>Some of his original file has been edited out.  This code includes a list
>of Talents that includes those listed in ITL, and talents that were
>originally published in The Space Gamer.  Maybe I'm being too cautious on
>this, but those items were originally published elsewhere.  I've asked a
>few folks for opinions, and if the answer warrants their inclusion, I'll
>post the full file.  For now, though, here's the edited version, including
>the sectional armor and random hit location rules:

Thanks for posting this, Joe.  One comment, however.  In the optional 
rule G (variant hit locations), the original table used the { "" } symbol 
to indicate that body parts with that symbol were assumed to be covered 
by the armor section listed above the { "" }.  For example, the eyes 
*and* the neck *and* the head are all covered by the same piece of armor 
(as far as the game is concerned, he quickly adds for those armor buffs 
out there ready to correct him).  The way you have it listed, cloth 
covering for the entire head ways 2.1 kg, instead of the intended .7 for 
the *entire* location (3-5).  Thus, table G should look like this:

Sectional Armor: 
        Penalty   Roll   Location    1     2      3     4     5        
          -10      3       Eyes      .7    .8    1.5   2.0   2.5 kg      
           -8      4       Neck      ""    ""    ""    ""    ""  kg      b
           -6      5       Head      ""    ""    ""    ""    ""  kg
           -4     6,7   Weapon arm  1.2   1.3    2.5   3.3   4.2 kg       
         -4(-6*)   8      Off-Arm   ""    ""     ""    ""    ""  kg  
            0     9-13    Torso     2.1   2.4    4.5   6.0   7.5 kg 
           -4      14     Thighs    2.8   3.2    6.0   8.0  10.0 kg      
           -4    15-18  Legs, Feet  ""    ""     ""    ""    ""  kg

Of course, if you really want to get specific, you could even break some 
of those down further.  For example, since the table distinguishes 
between the weapon arm and the off hand, you could divide the weight in 
half for characters who want to protect only the weapon arm (in that 
case, cloth would weigh 0.6 per arm, leather 0.65, a plate vambrace 2.1 
kg, etc.).

Thanks again,
--Andrew M. 
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