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(TFT) Melee/Wizard counter FAQ, help!

Spotter's Guide to Wizard/Melee Counters
I am working on a guide to the counters included in
various Wizard/Melee editions.  This guide will detail 
the different counter sets included with Wizard and 
Melee as well as offering some points to help weed 
out MicroQuest counters that may have been sorted 
together.  Once I get the information nailed
down, I will come up with a counter sorting 
flowchart based on color and appearance.

At this point the guide is merely advisory as I
have simply listed editions I own or have seen.
I have noted when the example observed had cut
or uncut counters which could affect the accuracy
and completeness of my description.  I am soliciting 
your input to help fill in the gaps and make this 
a more authoritative reference guide.
Two points on terminology:
1.  Detailed vs. less detailed artwork refers to the two
different artwork styles used on Melee counters.  The 
detailed artwork shows fine details on faces, clothing, 
armor, etc.  The less detailed artwork is a more flowing 
style lacking very fine lines and details.

2.  Shaded vs. solid backgrounds refers to how some counters
in Melee/Wizard are give background colors.  Shaded backgrounds 
use a pattern of fine dots where solid backgrounds are simply 
filled with the color.

Common features: All counter sheets have slits on the bottom 
two-thirds of the sheet unless otherwise noted.  All counters 
have white backgrounds (i.e. no shading) unless otherwise noted.  
All artwork is detailed unless otherwise noted.

MELEE, bagged, 1977, green gargoyle cover (cut)
Counters are purple, some with shaded backgrounds.
Large monsters include 2 two-headed giants.
Artwork is the less detailed style.

MELEE, unknown edition - loose counters (cut)
Counters are bluish green, some with shaded backgrounds.
Counter sheet labelled "Counter Sheet", "The Fantasy Trip",
"MELEE".  Large monsters include 2 two-headed giants. 
Artwork is the less detailed style.  

MELEE, bagged, 1979, dead blue monster cover (partially cut)
Counters are dark purple.  Large monster is giant with club.
Counter sheet labelled along the side "Gargoyles", "Hobgoblins", 
"Human Heroes", etc.  No small weapon counters.  (Note that
these appear to be the same counters as included in Death Test,
however I have two sets of them which were said to be Melee
counters making me speculate they may have been used in 
Melee at one time.  Further information definitely needed here.)

MELEE, unknown edition - loose counters (cut)
These appear identical to the above set.

MELEE, boxed, 1981, fifth edition (uncut) 
Component/reprint edition?  Counters are printed in blue,
Counter sheet is not slit.  Large monsters include 2 two-headed giants.
Artwork is the less detailed style.  Q counter is blank.  Counter
sheet says only "The Fantasy Trip" without Melee or copyright date
as found on earlier similar counter sheets.

MELEE, boxed, 1981, fifth edition (uncut)
Component/reprint edition?  Includes blue Wizard counter sheet
as described below for Wizard third edition revised.

WIZARD, bagged, 1978 (partially cut)
Counters are blue with solid backgrounds.
Large monsters include two dragons and two giants without clubs.
Counter sheet is labelled "The Fantasy Trip: Wizard" with
1978 copyright date.

WIZARD, bagged, 1979, second edition (partially cut)
Counters are identical to the above but colored purple.

WIZARD, unknown edition - loose counters (cut)
Counter sheet appears to be identical to the above but colored red.

WIZARD, boxed, 1980, third edition revised (uncut)
Component/reprint edition?  Counter sheet virtually identical to
the above but colored blue and no copyright date given.

DEATH TEST, bagged, 1978 (cut)
Counters are as described in second edition except they are 
dark purple and appear identical to the counters described 
above for the 1979 Melee.

DEATH TEST, bagged, 1978, second edition (uncut)
Counters are black.  One large monster (giant w/club.)  
Sheet labelled "DEATH TEST Counter Set copyright 1978."

DEATH TEST 2, boxed, 1980, uncut
Counters are red.  One medium monster (two hex lizard.)
Sheet labelled "Death Test 2 Counter Sheet" with 1980 copyright.

GRAIL QUEST, boxed, 1980 (uncut)
Counters are purple.  Two large monsters (dragon and giant w/club.)
Historical looking knights help these stand out.

*no counters included*

SECURITY STATION, boxed, 1980 (uncut)
Counters are brown.  Two large monsters (dragon and giant w/club.)
3 counters are done in the less detailed artwork of Melee.  
16 counters are numbered 3 through 18, don't search for 1 & 2.

TREASURE OF THE UNICORN GOLD, boxed, 1981 (uncut)
Counters are blue.  Large monster includes wooly rhino.  
Artwork similar to style used in Dragons of Underearth.

MASTER OF THE AMULETS, boxed (uncut)
Counters are olive green.  Artwork similar to Dragons of Underearth.

ORB QUEST, boxed
Just mailed off my only copy...  expecting a new one shortly.

Larger counter sheet with blue and yellow counters.  Large monsters
include dragon, two giants with clubs, winged demon.  The artwork
is detailed but uses thicker lines than the detailed artwork seen
in earlier TFT releases.

Thanks for your assistance!

the Mav

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