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(TFT) Andrew Morris's TFT Home Rules - now in HTML!

Chris Nicole has taken Andrew Morris's rule variants and additions, and
turned the pure text into HTML, and it's now available on the website
at http://www.brainiac.com/tft

(Sure, I know you know the address by now, but most folks, even me,
on a text-based Unix email program, can click on a URL and go right
to the site, so I keep repeating it to make it easy to get to!)

Chris mentions:
> I like the idea of making home rules, variants and new Spells and
> Talents available to the list.

Me, too.  While I think sectional armor crosses my personal "too complicated"
boundary, I'm sure it doesn't come close to other people's.  The discussion
on its implementation has been fascinating, exactly what I hoped to see
when I started the list.

And I hate to rip open the scab on this one, but some brief opinions (to
me personally, if you feel the need to reduce list clutter) on whether
posting talents, spells or rule mods that appeared in TSG or Interplay
is kosher with regards to copyrights would be appreciated.

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