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Re: (TFT) TFT Home Rules -

Joe Hartley wrote:

> While I think sectional armor crosses my personal "too complicated"
> boundary, I'm sure it doesn't come close to other people's.  The discussion
> on its implementation has been fascinating, exactly what I hoped to see
> when I started the list.

I have my own ideas on Sectional Armor and Gladiators, when I get them
together I will post them to the List.

> And I hate to rip open the scab on this one, but some brief opinions (to
> me personally, if you feel the need to reduce list clutter) on whether
> posting talents, spells or rule mods that appeared in TSG or Interplay
> is kosher with regards to copyrights would be appreciated.

I would like to see an index or summary of "New" Talents, Spells, etc.
i.e. variants published outside of the original rules. I see no reason
at all why List members could not publish their own inventions.
What I have in mind for extras published in The Space Gamer etc. would
be to list the Talent/Spell name, level, cost and author, and an index
entry to say where you can find the details e.g. 

FERRETING; (Talent), IQ10, 1 pt, Bill Owen, TSG#50, page42. 
(Note; this is a fictional example)

This way, if players want to use published stuff, they can hunt down a
copy of the original article.


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