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(TFT) nanogames mailing list!

Okay, folks -- so I won't clutter up the TFT list with chattering about my
little plastic ultra-micro-game (note: the plastic doohickeys arrived
today, and they're way cool!) design, I've started a mailing list of my
own. MANY thanks to Joe Hartley, who spent much of today noodling around on
my server to get majordomo to talk to the rest of the world.

To sign up, send email to majordomo@winterhome.net, with 'subscribe
nanogames' (no quotes, of course) as the body of the message.

There's only a few days left before I have to be on the road to
Milwaukee... this is gonna be the fastest playtest on record! 8-/

(note: when you try this out, pick two tokens from a batch of 12 numbered
1-6, to simulate the dice-shaker thingie, instead of rolling dice; the
probabilities are enough different to matter. Just write numbers on some
coins or something)

...waiting for those signups...and people who want free game rules.... 8-)

-- Jean

   Wintertree Software


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