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Re: (TFT) Doing the Micro bit again...

>From: Guy McLimore <guymc@evansville.net>
>Greg Poehlein, Gary Williams and I have continued to work with the idea 
>of a supertactical man to man combat boardgame, and we have decided to 
>take the plunge.

Wow, good luck, Guy (and guys)! Your plans sound good, especially the
tie-in to Pocket Fantasy. I'm sure I can count on you to highlite that on
the game cover (or maybe back), along with the all-important microgame
release number. What am I saying? Those are *your* great ideas and
experiences that you told me about! :-)

Does anyone know how the Pulp Dungeon products are doing, sales-wise? I
picked one up some time ago. Ordinarily you can't complain when a game
costs just $4, but these are just fluff. Your money is much better spent
picking up any current or back issue RPG mag, which usually have at least
one adventure superior to the *partial* dungeon crawl you get in a Pulp

Still, I bring it up because their marketing and any success may have some
reflection on Guy's new effort. These things really play up the "I used to
design my own adventures, but since I left college and started work all I
really want or have time for is a canned adventure that doesn't require
much thought" concept. Know what I mean?

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