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Re: (TFT) Doing the Micro bit again...

Guy McLimore <guymc@evansville.net> wrote:
> Greg Poehlein, Gary Williams and I have continued to work with the idea 
> of a supertactical man to man combat boardgame, and we have decided to 
> take the plunge. You'll be officially hearing about our efforts shortly 
> (and in fact I will probably ask some of the listmembers to blindtest for 
> us, if they are so inclined).

Guy, I'm thrilled to hear this.  I am currently being run through
GrailQuest in a PBeM game, and I'm having a great time.  Maybe it's because
I'm most familiar with the Death Tests, which are a tad thin on plot,
or maybe it's because the GM's doing an excellent job of presenting the
game, but it's possibly because it's a great Microquest!

I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd be eager to give this a test-run.

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