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(TFT) Space and Fantasy Gamer's Guide

Since it's "shameless plug night", I'll have to jump in and announce
that my "Space and Fantasy Gamer's Guide" is nearing publication.  It is
a complete index of over 4000 game related articles in The Space Gamer,
Fantasy Gamer, Interplay, Nexus, Ares, and The VIP of Gaming.

The Guide is approaching 500 (!) pages and will be a great resource for
anyone interested in the above magazines or in sci-fi and fantasy games
from the 70's and 80's.  Naturally a large chunk of TFT articles are

Although the current format has been slightly modified, you can see a
recent scan of a sample TFT page at:

I won't bore the whole list with all the other great features of the
Guide.  If anyone is interested in finding out more, please reply
directly to my e-mail address (themaverick@volcano.net) and I'll place
you on the update list for the Guide.


the Mav

Everybody goes to The Maverick's
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