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(TFT) adventure

Okay, several people have indicated an interest in my programmed adventure.
Most prefer an electronic format.

Unfortunately, upon digging the stuff out, I find that it only exists in
electronic form on 17 year old tape archives at a former employer to which I
no longer have access.  The map and counter artwork don't exist in electronic
form at all.

So right now, I can only offer it in paper format.  If you want it, email me
(psychohist@aol.com) your U.S. mail address; I'll send a copy, along with a an
SASE in which I'll trust you to return $5 for postage & repro costs.  (Sorry
it's so high, but I don't have the facilities to reduce it to microgame size
format, which would be much cheaper to mail....)

Maybe I'll eventually have the time and inclination to type it in again and
make it available electronically.  I'm afraid that's not likely to be real
soon, though, as it's a bit of a pain to do the requisite careful typing and
checking (there's nothing worse than a programmed adventure with a typo in a
key instruction number!)

Warren Dew
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