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(TFT) TFT Clearinghouse (was Yow!)

On Fri, 7 Aug 1998 17:54:43 -0400 (EDT) jh@metheny.brainiac.com (Joe
Hartley) writes:
>>From one of the online auctions:
>MELEE (Metagaming)
> 1977. Version with the gargoyle on the front. Punched, excellent.
>$35 xxx@xxx  7/29
>$30 yyy@yyy  7/28
>At this rate, my collection will be going on the block at Sotheby's
>to put my son through college soon!

I assume that quite a few of us on the list are madly searching high and
low to complete their collection of TFT items.  Would anyone have any
objections to using this list as a clearinghouse for information on where
to find TFT items for a reasonable price?  I've located quite a few
titles, but a couple have still eluded me (unless I want to shell out
$50+ for each of them.)  I'd also propose a gentleman's agreement that we
don't hoard multiple copies of a title and auction them off or bleed our
fellow list members white before giving them up.  

Alternatively, we could keep our sources secret and purchase additional
copies for those on the list who speak up for them.....

What do you think?


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