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(TFT) Pocket Warrior fulfillment

edhogg@equus.demon.co.uk says:

>Some of us are wondering how Non-Americans can get hold of "Pocket

and jodasi@hotmail.com says:

>i ordered pocket warrior 3 weeks ago...  and i still havent received 
>it... ive written to guy 3 times now... and hes still "looking into it".

As I told Joel in an email earlier today, MC+ Creations is the design 
house, not the publisher, of the POCKET FANTASY line. We don't do the 
mail order sales OR the dealer sales. David Bolack is the head honcho at 
Plaid Rabbit. They publish the game. The orders go to them in Oklahoma. 
All we do here in Indiana is design them and maintain the 
PlainLabel/Pocket Fantasy website. In fact the only copies of POCKET 
WARRIOR I have are my file copies.  (I'm waiting for David to send me 
copies of PW to take to Hamstercon in September, in fact.)

As part of my job dealing with game support I post some of the 
promotional material for stuff like the mail order sale, but you don't 
send mail orders to me in Indiana -- they go to David in Oklahoma. 
Likewise, email queries can go to David's email address for Pharos Press 
(the umbrella under which Plaid Rabbit operates) -- pharos@galstar.com

David told me he'd work something out individually with people outside 
the US who wanted to mail order the game (presumably involving 
international money orders - the only efficient way to deal with an order 
that small), but you'll have to ask him for specifics. Likewise, follow 
up on US mail orders has to be done on his end.

I have communicated with David about Joel's order and I just forwarded 
Joel's mail to him (received by me at 2:20 this afternoon local time and 
forwarded minutes later). I wish I could do something more concrete.

MicroTactix Games, however, *IS* our baby. You end up with a problem with 
fulfillment there and there's no one to blame but me. (The buck, in that 
case, stops here, as the late President Harry S. Truman would say...)

Guy McLimore / guymc@evansville.net
MicroTactix Games
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