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Re: (TFT) Availability of Adv. Melee

Scott A. Johnson wrote:
> My friend is looking for a copy of Advanced Melee and In the Labyrinth,
> he has Advanced Wizard. And what is a reasonable price for these
> products? I saw a site where they were asking $95.00 for Death Test, at
> least that is what I recall the price was.

First off, Death Test, even considering all its virtues, is just not
worth $95.  Second, Death Test is not so rare as to demand a $95 price
tag (I've purchased three copies myself and know plenty of people that
have one.)  Third, don't buy anything from anyone that offers Death Test
for $95 because it is indicative of an outrageous pricing scheme.  In
case you didn't get the hint, $95 is not a reasonable price for these
products.  ;-)

You should be able to pick up a nice copy of Death Test (and most any
micro game for that matter) for under $20 (well under, unless you are
bidding against pkout in an auction.)  ;-)

the Mav 

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