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(TFT) Copies of Codex for sale

Hi all.
	I have 2 copies of the Fantasy Master's Codex that
I would be willing to sell.  I have found them to be a waste of 
money for anyone that has Advanced Melee, Adv. Wizard and
ITL.  However for some one missing these items, they would
be much more attractive. In addition it contains (I think) a 
superset of the information on the GM's shield so you could 
get a photo-copy of the shield (less artwork) with out violating 

	It contains:

Character Sheet
Weapon Table from ITL and Adv Melee
Index to TFT
Talents sorted by Name and IQ
Spells sorted by Name, type and IQ
Items sorted by name, cost and type
Postions and Gas Bombs sorted by name and cost.
Equipment Table
Mass and Encomberence tables.
Summary of some Combat rules including advanced turn sequence
Summary of DX adjustments
Table of Saving throws
Job Table from ITL
Summary of monsters (1/2 paragraph each)
TFT Questions and Answers (I disagree with several rulings)

	The talents, spells, items, potions, monsters etc, do 
not have the full write up, so the Codex does not get you past
the copywrite rules for those parts of TFT.

	One copy is in good condition (some wear on cover)
the other is in fair condition (significant wear on cover) tape
used to try to fix, otherwise good condition.

	I was debating having an auction but I think that
what I will do will ask for $20 & $15 (us funds) for the good 
and fair copies respectively plus $5 for shipping.  If several
people would like the items, I will randomly decide who gets
it.  I would prefer to sell the item to people who need the items
to play rather than those of us who already have AW, AM, ITL.
If a copies DOESN'T sell, I will mention in a couple weeks that
they are now avallible to collectors.

	Those interested in these items send me an email
saying which item or items you would like.  On Sunday Oct 11 
I will roll the die, and inform anyone picked that they can buy 
it.  The items will then be mailed after I have cashed the check
for the Codex.


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