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(TFT) [A] Up the Creek continued...

You were probably wondering what happened?
We've been short of players the last few weeks. Lissar Hiss had
important homework, Striker is at eveningclass and Obsidious has been
kept in prison. Most sessions lately I have been lucky to have two and a
half players, just when they really need a few more.

It was all a bit anticlimatic really, Obsidious, Striker and Torak were
all down and out frozen by Harpy venom. The harpy herself was hurt but
still active, screeching and cackling to herself when Lissar (played in
automata mode by someone else) wandered up the stairs. The harpy threw
her weakness spell and missed! Lissar jumped on her and that was that -
Harpy fricasee.

I was so disapointed, :o( I'd got quite fond of her after the way she
dealt with the other party members the previous week. I was wishing I
had let her get away to fight another day. 
Lissar saved the party, which should have been a perk to him after his
'misfortune' with the crocs and the killer frogs. Unfortunately his
player wasn't there to see it happen and when he did turn up the other
players were rather sparing with their thanks!

There's more, but once again I have left it far too late.

I must catch up with my email.
I must catch up with my email.
I must catch up with my email....

Have fun,


Chris Nicole	
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