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(TFT) Psionics Rules?

There were two articles on Psionic characters in TFT published in the
Space Gamer. Both deal with the Deryni, the psionic humans from a series
of fantasy novels by Katherine Kurtz. 

The Deryni - TSG #21, Ronald Pehr.
"The Fantasy Trip meets Katherine Kurtz"
Psionic demi-humans, TFT gaming notes.

Attributes of the Deryni - TSG #23, Neill E. Frizzell.
"More on the Deryni"
Gaming notes to follow up TSG #21.

The articles include psionic rules for Deryni characters. IIRC these
duplicate a limited set of TFT spell effects but don't require ST to
power them.

There is also Ronald Pehr's Super Heroes in TFT article from TSG#65.
Many of the suggested powers simulate paranormal abilities. But, they
would probably be rather overpowering in a normal TFT campaign


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