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(TFT) Re: PBEM in the Thorsz' service.

>>"Standing behind the girl won't do you any good, she'll only stop 3
>Hi Perry,
>	I've asked everyone convienient about your autograph
>quote and they can't understand it either.  Do you want to tell us
>what it means?

	This quote is from a SF RPG called Living Steel, by Leading Edge Games. 
It had a good campaign setting, but was waaaaay to complex in terms of
rules.  The quote is pretty simple, really.  In a game where laser-type
weapons do ungodly amounts of damage, hiding behind a NPC won't do any
good, because it'll blast thru her and still kill you in the process. 
Not terribly heroic, but there you go.

	A few other gems from Living Steel:

"As far as I'm concerned, anybody slower than me is the rearguard."

"Seeing as I'm right, and you disagree, you must be wrong."

"Today is election day and we encourage all citizens to vote NO with the
weapon of their choice."

"Today's forecast calls for heavy contact along the northern outskirts,
strong probes throughout the neutral zone, and scattered artillery
barrages throughout the evening."

"We could at least have a cease fire long enough to loot the dead and

"That's not a jury of my peers, they're all common citizens!"

"If you cooperate we'll reduce the charges from hit and run murder to

"Blam.  Blam.  Blam.  Click.  Click.  'Stop Police.'"

"We would have believed it was an accidental shooting if he hadn't
changed magazines... TWICE."

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