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Re: (TFT) New Character Generation System

>(Regarding my new character generation system) Michael Taylor wrote:
>I actually didn't see any changes from normal TFT except for Advantages and
>Disadvantages (which weren't detailed). What is the difference between
>Advantages and Talents? What is the difference between Disadvantages and

Actually, my system is rather different from classic TFT. I've re-worked how
characters get talents. Also the minimum IQ level for most talents has been
eliminated or lowered. I've changed some of the talents, added some, and
reduced the cost of many. The net result is that you don't have to have an
absurdly high IQ to have a decent mix of talents. The DX adjustments for
armor and shields have been replaced by a weight-based encumbrance system.
And I'm going to add advantages and disadvantages when time permits.

I recall the TSG article (by Forrest Johnson?) on handicaps in TFT.
Unfortunately, I've lost my copy. So I'm compiling my own list.

Advantages and talents will be similar. In fact some talents will be
available as advantages. The difference is that you purchase a talent with
character points; you get an advantage by taking a compensating

My philosophy is to smooth out some of the problems that I've had with the
TFT system. Yet I intend to preserve it's greatests strengths: very fast
character generation and an excellent combat system. I have no desire or
intention to re-create GURPS. Steve Jackson does it better...

If you have an suggestions or thoughts, please don't hesitate to let me


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