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Re: (TFT) The Missing Attribute

>>>>>>>>it would be
>>>>>>>>Perception. This attribute would replace IQ rolls for noticing
>>>>>>>>surprises, and even to figure out when someone is lying. Comments?

>>>>>>>>I'm not sure I see the need to replace the IQ stat for this sort of
>>>>>>>>thing.  I suppose it can be argued that there are perceptive people
>>>>>>>>aren't that smart, but that sounds like it's covered by using a
>>>>>>>>to IQ, like the way a skill in AM modifies an existing attribute.

I tend to agree - between Acute Hearing and Handicaps for poor
vision/perception and the Detect Lies talent, I would think this area would
be covered pretty well. 

>>>>>>>>Andrew Morris added the Luck attrubute (
http://www.brainiac.com/tft/homerule.html )
>>>>>>>>for his games, but my feeling is that it too was an unnecessary
>>>>>>>>if a GM wants to keep a player from being dead, then it's within
his or her
>>>>>>>>power as GM to perform a miracle and keep a character alive, or add
>>>>>>>>modifier to the roll, or whatever.

Again I agree, but not for the same reasons. I don't think that Luck was
invented to 'give the GM the power' to bring a character back, I think it
was simply a way to allow characters to live, even after being subject to a
merely unlucky dice roll. Incidentaly, GURPS has the same problem only
worse. Bad rolls are far more likely to kill your character than stupid

I just think coming up with a new attribute was overkill, when you could
just have said 'Oh, by the way, for 100 EP you can turn death into

>>>>>>>>Was this cheating?  I suppose it was.  

All GM's can and should fudge the rules, but it's nice for the player to be
able to have more control over the risks involved in their actions.

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