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(TFT) The Missing Attribute

Loosly based on the "Modest Proposal" article from Different Worlds #15
(october 1981), I've always allowed players to 'split' attributes. For
example for each 1 IQ point you earned you could get either 1 IQ point or 2
points to IQ or KN (Knowledge - meaning the number of points allocated to
Talents). ST splits into ST and HP (Hit Points), DX splits into DX (Saving
Rolls and Initiative) and SC (Success Chance - to hit for combat and

The nice thing about this is that it's optional. If it's important to you,
you can do it, but you don't *have* to (thereby making your game
incompatible/unbalanced with anything else). 

FUZION's got a similar idea, make all Stats equal and allow additional
stats without adding a lot to the system.



Many TFT players feel that TFT lacks an attribute. I'd like to know what
attributes you have added to the game, if any.

I haven't added any attributes myself (other than Combat Reflex Point, but
they're not really attributes). But if I did want to add one, it would be
Perception. This attribute would replace IQ rolls for noticing things,
surprises, and even to figure out when someone is lying. Comments?

--Ty Beard
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