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Re: (TFT) Vampires in TFT (article)

It was 'generic' but still a really good flavor, being 'traditional'

ST 30 DX 19(18) IQ 20
Fangs (1d6+2)
Claws (3d6+3)
Talents: Sex Appeal, LIteracy, Charisma, Silent Movement, Streetwise,
Hungarian, English.
Spells: None. The Vampire Powers come naturally to all vampires. They can't
be learned.

And then proceeds to describe vampire powers in an 'any-system' kind of way
that's actually quite good. The article was written by W. Peter Miller.



Space Gamer 74 also had stats for Dracula for several role playing
systems including the Fantasy Trip.  I don't remember how extensive a
treatment it was though...

the Mav
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