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Re: (TFT) Vampires in TFT (article)

On Tue, 27 Oct 1998, Jeffrey May wrote:
>         Vampires run the gamut, from mindless ravening blood-drinkers to
> coolly rational beings

This can be represented by Vampires of varying IQ level, perhaps
requiring them to make some kind of die vs IQ to avoid bloodlust.

I had some thoughts about becoming a vampire. Perhaps a mandatory
IQ loss based upon your vampiric "generation" could be used.  
True vampires would suffer no los in IQ.  If bitten by a true
vampire, the victim would suffer a -1 to IQ, their victims a -2,
their victims a -3 and so on.  This would provide a means of
self-regulating the vampire's progeny as, sooner or later, they
would be unable to resist the bloodlust.  This would make their
existence known to the community and thus increase the risk of 
exposure and death.

> True vampires have various powers which work like spells, but 
> without ST cost.  

there are some spels listed in TFT:AW which might be applicable, 
but I think there's a great deal of rewrite that needs to be 
done before you can apply these spells to vampirs.  Control
Animal, for instance, just doesn't seem right - the vampire can
control 1 rat, but not the horde?  There needs to be some kind
of "Mass Animal Conrol" in order to allow the vampire to control
hordes of rats n bats n what-not.  Note that this power should
not allow him to control a group of bears, however.  I'd think
that a vampire could generate the APPEARANCE of controlling a 
pack of wolves by controlling the pack leader though.

Other powers: Insubstantiality doesn't seem to apply, but some
sort of ShapeChange into a "Body of Mist" would seem applicable.
Under such a form, a vampire could be attacked or even destroyed
by a strong gust of air.  Certainly the vampire could be killed
in this shape if he were unable to reform his body before 

I don't know about Control Person, either.  It should be easier
for the vampire to Control a person whom he has controlled before.


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