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(TFT) Reply to Matt Frazier

>...How are a victims stats affected when they become one of the three types of 

I don't recall that this ever came up in play.  The player-characters were
never so unfortunate as to lose a party member this way.  Off the top of my
head, a PC transformed into a true vampire would lost most or all of his IQ,
down to the 6-7 range.  His other stats would either not change or else be
increased to the true vampire range.

The stats of a victim cursed with vampirism do not change until the frenzy
comes on him.  Often the victim of the curse doesn't know he's been cursed.
The knowledge comes to him gradually.  Frequently he goes mad.  There isn't
any way to model that in TFT, so I don't know how his stats would change,
but the dread and horror of what he is and does will drive him insane.

The victim of the vampire disease is the vampire in the TFT rules.

>...Aren't "True Vampires" also affected by silver weapons?

I waffled on that and never did really decide.  The one time my characters
actually fought a true vampire, they didn't have any silver weapons except
the mage's dagger.  They had to make do with spells, and they spent most of
the fight dealing with the brigands she had working for her.  Maybe it
varies from vampire to vampire.

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