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Re: (TFT) Superscripts in TFT

It works differently but accomplishes the same thing.

I've found that all the TFT GM's who have had long running
campaigns have fiddled with the rules some how, to allow people
to take more talents and or given wizards extra fST.


>Why not just adapt the GURPS character creation system to TFT?
>It seems to me that instead of adding "superscripts" to attributes, it
>would be easier to define talents that modify attributes when using those
>attributes for certain purposes (such as using ST to power spells, or DX to
>hit with a weapon, or IQ to notice something)--just like GURPS does. If you
>can put experience points into improving talents as well as attributes, you
>can design and develop highly differentiated characters.
>Maybe this is the same basic idea as "superscripts"?

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