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Re: (TFT) lethality of TFT

In a message dated 98-11-03 15:03:01 EST, you write:

<< The one thing I
 am concerned about is the lethality of the damage system for use in a
 pulpish game. I think it works well for non-hero games, and I didn't
 want to make the characters god like to offset the problem. >>

This is a kind of an off the wall idea that I don't think is nessesary for
most TFT games, but could be useful for a pulp type atmosphere....
Sort of on the same lines as Force Points from the Star Wars RPG.
An independent set of points from experience points that can be used to alter
rolls or pull your but out of the fire. Maybe roll one less die for an
activity per point spent or force the enemy to roll one less die of damage for
example. Pulp heros only start with one or two and if used for some "Pulpingly
Heroic" activity will be gotten back at the end of the adventure.
How well the heros did (based on awarded experence points) can also determine
additional points are deserved as well.
Sort of like Ty's idea and then again, not quite.
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