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Re: (TFT) When to deduct for a thrown spell

On Wed, 4 Nov 1998, Joe Hartley wrote:

> This one's got me a bit stumped.  Sal, a fighter (adjDX 9), and Cheech, a
> wizard (IQ 12, adjDX 9), come across a pair of giant snakes (adjDX 12).
> Battle ensues, and the snakes make their strikes first.  Cheech then
> successfully casts a Control Animal spell on one of the snakes.
> Since the snakes have already made their attacks, I'm assuming that Cheech
> can't have it attack the other snake until the next melee round.  Correct?


> If that is the case, does the spell still cost Cheech 2 ST this round and
> 1 ST the next?  That is essentially a 1 ST penalty for having a lower adjDX
> than the animal controlled.

Well ... I dunno.  Because the snakes strike first, they act first the
next round as well.  Cheech can wait until after the snakes strike to
determine if he wants to continue to power the spell. (assuming I
remember all of the orderings correctly).

I would charge Cheech the 2 ST on the turn he casts the spell.


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