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Re: (TFT) When to deduct for a thrown spell

On Wed, 4 Nov 1998, Daniel Tulloh wrote:

> > If that is the case, does the spell still cost Cheech 2 ST this round and
> > 1 ST the next?  That is essentially a 1 ST penalty for having a lower adjDX
> > than the animal controlled.
> Well ... I dunno.  Because the snakes strike first, they act first the
> next round as well.  Cheech can wait until after the snakes strike to
> determine if he wants to continue to power the spell. (assuming I
> remember all of the orderings correctly).

Boy, do I feel dumb.  Both AM and AW state the the first thing you
do after you roll for initiative is to renew spells.  So, I guess
the extra cost of 1 ST is the price you pay for controlling at 
high DX creature (or at least one that has a higher adjDX than 


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